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This website administration usage guide describes a typical use of the website in a school from the perspective of those administrating it. The following gives a list in date order of tasks to be performed.
A website needs to be kept up to date to be useful. This is best done by all of the staff to share the work. This short guide gives a basic idea of possible tasks and work to be done to achieve this.
All Staff, PTA and Governors can be added as administration users to make this easy.

Main Tasks

This is a list of main tasks to keep the website up to date.

When Who Task
Every week Teachers/Office Staff/PTA/Governors Add news items to the web site using the "News" administration system.
Every week Teachers/Office Staff/PTA/Governors Add calendar entries for events using teh "Calendar" administration system.
Every newsletter Office Staff/Head Teacher Create a new newsletter using the News and Calendar items on the website.
Upload the new newsletter to the website.
Use the "Upload Newsletter" button in the "Documents Management" page.
Every term Office staff Check calendar and add major items such as term dates and "In Service" days.
New Policies Governors/Office Staff Upload new Policies and school documents when changed
Every term Teachers/Office Staff Update static web pages as needed such as the head teachers page.
Every term or after an event Teachers/Office Staff Upload pictures to a new Showcase for events or class room art etc.

Optional Tasks

When Who Task
Every Term Teachers Add class lesson timetable and terms work information for the class.
Every Homework Teachers Add homework onto website for class.
Every Governors meeting Governors Add meeting dates and minutes to website
Every PTA meeting PTA Add event information and minutes to website

Adding Users

Each user has a set of roles they can perform. If a user has the "adminUser" role, they can modify user information. This includes setting the roles that each user can perform. The available roles are listed in the reference manual.

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