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Regional Officers

The officers listed will be able to advise on what tandem activities

are taking place in the postcode areas shown

Regional Officers
(sorted by last name)

Name UK Postcode Areas Telephone Email
Roger McNae Regional Officer Co-ordinator 01531 637312
Roy Abigail Lorraine Walker NR 01603 612104
Tricia Anderson BR CR EC SE SW 020 8325 8445
Bill Katherine Barnes PL TQ

also looking after: -

EX and TR

until someone else comes forward
Margaret & Doug Cockburn DH NE SR 01670-512373
Ian Collins Rachel Mohin IV KW PH 01463-234295
Gerald Sue Davidson CH LL 01352-752068
John Dodwell GL HR WR and part of DY 01386-553117
Helen John Forbes CH CW M SK WA 01824-780761
Jill Eifion Francis SA 01792-796735
Mike Caroline Futty DG EH FK G KA KY ML PA TD 01899-308789

Liz Ken Gates BN RH 01323-735620
Pippa John Hand NG 07804 234 970
Pauline Hayward CT DA ME TN 01732-750885
Ian Hewitt PO and part of GU 023 9241 2941
Jackie Stuart Hibberd BA, BS SN 0117 9695159
Elizabeth Rob Hidderley B 01527-878255
Ann-Charlotte David Holman DY ST TF WS WV 01902-773747
John Hutchins HA SL UB W 020-8840 0418
Kim Kirby AL SG 07944-654213

Colin Pam Knowlton LU MK NN 01604-811003
Julie Peter Mastenko KT SM TW 020-8241 0014
Paul Miller SY 01970-880637 -
Paul Moir RG and part of GU and OX 0118-941 2994
Simon Preston CW SK 01625-576319
Kevin Frances Riley LE 0116 271 7684
Paul & Jeannette Rodman FY and LA 01539 730 792
Chris Rust Isobel Stevenson S 0114 258 2892
Ken Margaret Saunders IP and part of CO 01394-388344
Steve and Cheryl Stanger
BB BD HD HG HX LS 01422-356390
Fiona Stephen Stuart OX and parts of CV Mk NN 01865-242797
John Trewick DE and parts of NG S 01623-470728
Sheila Ward BH DT SO SP 01590-671205
Barry Wilson LN 01522-702188
Ian Wright CB PE 01480-492617
(Vacant) AB BL BT CA CF CM DD DL DN E EN HP HU IG L LD M N NP NW OL PR RM SS TA TS WA WC WD WF WN YO If you would like be a Regional Officer for one or more of these vacant Post Code areas, please contact the Regional Officer Co-ordinator.

Overseas Regional Officers

Name Country Telephone E-Mail
Luud Steenbergen Netherlands +31 30-961015

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