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Members' Area


To gain access to the Members' Area you must have an id and password.

To get these, you will need a copy of one of the most recent 3 Tandem Club Journals (TCJs).

Note: The members area log in is separate from the Admin Account log in in the LH column.
Use ' Click here when you are ready to proceed...' at the end of these instructions. This will bring up a different log in page.

As id (or User name) use the month of the TCJ you are using, typed using upper case for the first character and lower case for all others (for example: - April).

Note 1: Spell the month name in full.

Note 2: If more than one month name appears on the Journal, use only the first one.

As password, use the first 7 characters of the Editorial, typed using the same case as shown in the journal (use only alphabetic and numeric characters and no spaces).

Click here when you are ready to proceed to bring up the Members Log In Page.