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We have been asked to provide details of Tea Shops throughout the United Kingdom. We do not have sufficient resources to independently produce and adequately maintain such a facility. After extended research and investigation of existing facilities on the Internet, we have decided, rather than producing our own data, to provide a link to the very good facilities provided by the Cyclists' Touring Club and Rob Barlow's Cyclist's Cafes website.

Cyclist's Cafes in the UK

CTC Refreshments, Accommodation and Bike Shops link

Please note that the CTC would appreciate recommendations for establishments not already appearing on their site and they have a form on their site for the purpose.
Since the above is clearly 'Work in Progress', we also offer the following links in the interim.

CTC Arun-Adur (Worthing area) ~ includes a map
CTC Bedfordshire
CTC Bristol (Cycle Bristol) ~ includes a map
CTC Bury 
CTC Coventry
CTC Devon
CTC East Sussex ~ includes a map
CTC Leicestershire and Rutland ~ includes a map
CTC Lincolnshire ~ includes a map
CTC Norfolk ~ Norfolk and Suffolk Tea Shops
CTC North Hampshire ~ includes a map
CTC Nottingham (east)
CTC Nottingham (north)
CTC Nottingham (south)
CTC Nottingham (west)
CTC Portsmouth ~ includes a map
CTC South Herts ~ includes a map
CTC Tyneside
CTC Wessex
CTC West Kent
CTC West Surrey ~ Go to Local information ~ includes a map
CTC York
Glendene Cycling Club, Essex
Hereford Wheelers

Clearly, we cannot guarantee the information provided by any of these links but we do hope that you find them useful.
If you have any further information on this topic, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us using the link at the foot of this page.


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