News System

This system provides the ability to view and add news items to the website and notify uses by notifications or emails. The news items are organised in groups. There is one group per Tandem Club regional group, the group TandemClub for general admin and groups for major tandem club events. There is the group "tcr2021" for the Tandem Club replacement rally in August 2021.

Select the group you wish to see news items from using the drop down box at the top left of the news page. You can add news items through a simple, mobile friendly page or via a more advanced form entry system. The menu item: brings up a menu of user preferences. You can enable notifications or emails for this group here.

News Page

This page provides a list of the most recent messages for the group set in the selection box at the top of the page. There is a special group selection of "All", to list the messages from all groups.

At the bottom of the page are the controls to add a news item. You must be logged into the website to post new items. There is an "Adv" button that brings up a more advanced news item entry form. The selection box at the bottom selects which group you will post into, you need to use this if you wish to email out the news item as there is a checkbox to enable this. There is a picture button to add a picture from a file or directly from a camera if used on a mobile phone or other device with camera. The one line text entry box allows you to type your message.
The message will be sent by pressing the "Send" button or pressing the "Enter" key.

If you add a picture in your user preferences, then this will be shown at the left of the message. You can also click on the cycle hat or your image to update it. Note that due to WEB browser caching it may take a minute for the main items view to update to this new picture for all users.

News item management

For those with admin permissions it is possible to edit and delete news items. The left hand menu (use the top menu's left hand menu button to activate) provides some functions in order to do this.