For Sale: Cannondale Tandem

By: Victoria Holt
Telephone: 7464763181
Location: Aviemore
Listing ends on: Monday 15th November 2021
Price: £1000

Cannondale Tandem


Size L/S

26" wheels

27 Speed

Barely used - bought and used a handful of times, then left in weather proof shed. Rides really well, smooth gear changes, and barely any wear on the chain/rotor/tyres etc.

Total length wheel to wheel - 98 inches

Length between front and rear saddle 27.5 inches

Length between front bars and front saddle 21.5 inches

Height to top of front bars 43.5 inches (at lowest)

Height to top of rear bars 32.5 inches (at lowest)

Rear seat max height - 78cm - could be extended as there is room for a longer seat post

Rear seat min height - 63cm

Front seat max height - 88cm 

Front seat min height - 71cm

For seat min/max heights, measurent was taken from middle of crank arm (extended down) to top of saddle

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